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Charity Founder’s Welcome
Born Too Soon was set up in 1985 by parents such as myself together with health professionals. The Charity was started as we recognised a need for not only support for parents but also for a need to purchase specialist equipment for the Neonatal Unit. Having had four children who benefited from the services provided by the unit, I felt it was time to give something back.

Consultants View
The care of the newborn infant has dramatically altered throughout the Millennium, as has the practice of medicine. It may be worth considering some of the changes that have occurred in our branch of medicine. The last thousand years have witnessed the negligible level of newborn care as seen at the beginning of the Millennium through the innovative care of lying-in hospitals of the medieval monastic chivalrous orders to the rapidly advancing world of neonatalogy, one of the most recently established branches of medicine.

Matrons Welcome
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